BUSINESS UPDATE 5/13/21 - The foam supply issue continues to remain the single largest hurdle in sufficiently increasing our upholstery production. On a positive note, we have experienced an increase in supply from our poly vendors over the past several weeks. We are in close contact with our suppliers, and we are working diligently to maximize our production schedules. We are currently quoting 24-26 weeks with any new order, but we fully expect that number to improve as our poly supply increases. Thank you for your continued support.


St. Germain settee

Overall: h45 d35 w78.5
Inside: d22 w70.5 ah25 sh21.5

(2) 19”throw pillows / Tight back / Buttons on seat cushion

Options Shown: Contrasting fabric/trim on standard pillows. 1/2” nails on base and outsides.
Extra RPBB (round pillow with box border).

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