Ross Sectional

Edge Stitching/Tight back

As Shown:
4317-41W LAF Chaise
Overall h38 d57 w71
Inside d44 w63 ah32 sh23
(1)23x21"Throw Pillow
(2)19"Throw Pillow
(1) 22x16"Kidney Pillow

4317-22W RAF Loveseat
Overall h38 d36 w56
Inside d28 w47 ah32 sh23
(1)23x21"Throw Pillows
(1)19"Throw Pillow
(1)22x16"Kidney Pillow

*Railroaded fabric strongly recommended*

Options shown: Contrasting fabric on throw pillows

Also Available:
4317-21W LAF Loveseat
(1)23x21, (1)22x16, (1)19" pillow
4317-42W RAF Chaise
(1)23x21, (1)22x16, (2)19" pillows
4317-31W LAF Sofa 
(1)23x21, (1)22x16, (1)19" pillow
4317-32W RAF Sofa
(1)23x21, (1)22x16, (1)19" pillow
4317-10W Armless Chair

4317-38W RAF Cuddle Sofa (stand alone)
(2)23x21, (2)22x16, (3)19" pillows

4317-39W LAF Cuddle Sofa (stand alone)
(2)23x21, (2) 22x16, (3) 19" pillows

Available with -N Nickel metal leg instead of -W wooden leg.


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