We are currently experiencing a polyurethane foam shortage due to the temporary shutdown of the companies that produce the chemicals needed to manufacture all foam components and cushioning.  This issue was created due to the extreme cold weather and power outages that occurred in Texas, where the majority of these chemicals are sourced.  We will continue to produce orders each week, but this reduction from our suppliers will occur for the next four to six weeks.  At the moment, our average lead time is 20 weeks, but quite possibly could expand to 22 weeks before this issue is rectified. If you do not see a published date, please email or call customer service for an update.


Ross Sectional

Edge Stitching/Tight back

As Shown:
4317-41W LAF Chaise
Overall h38 d57 w71
Inside d44 w63 ah32 sh23
(1)23x21"Throw Pillow
(2)19"Throw Pillow
(1) 22x16"Kidney Pillow

4317-22W RAF Loveseat
Overall h38 d36 w56
Inside d28 w47 ah32 sh23
(1)23x21"Throw Pillows
(1)19"Throw Pillow
(1)22x16"Kidney Pillow

*Railroaded fabric strongly recommended*

Options shown: Contrasting fabric on throw pillows

Also Available:
4317-21W LAF Loveseat
(1)23x21, (1)22x16, (1)19" pillow
4317-42W RAF Chaise
(1)23x21, (1)22x16, (2)19" pillows
4317-31W LAF Sofa 
(1)23x21, (1)22x16, (1)19" pillow
4317-32W RAF Sofa
(1)23x21, (1)22x16, (1)19" pillow
4317-10W Armless Chair

4317-38W RAF Cuddle Sofa (stand alone)
(2)23x21, (2)22x16, (3)19" pillows

4317-39W LAF Cuddle Sofa (stand alone)
(2)23x21, (2) 22x16, (3) 19" pillows

Available with -N Nickel metal leg instead of -W wooden leg.


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