Business Update 6/21/2021  Taylor King production lead times remain at 24-26 weeks.  Our poly situation has improved, and we are now able to manufacture at approximately 85% of full capacity.  Please know we are doing all we can to improve the situation.  Thank you for your attendance at the June High Point Market.  Connecting with old and new friends from all over our great country made this market special.  We appreciate all that you do to support our employees and their families!

L3616-89N L

Maxwell Bar Stool -Nickel

Overall h 39.5 d23 w21.5
Inside d18 w21.5/Seat h 32.5

Nickel frame/Adjustable glides/No nails standard

Also Available:
L3616-88N Nickel Leather Counter Stool

To order in fabric:
3616-89N Nickel Bar Stool
3616-88N Nickel Counter Stool

Also available in Bronze metal frame:
3616-89B Bronze Bar Stool
3616-88B Bronze Counter Stool

L Available in Leather

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