Business Update 7/28/2021 - With continuing improvement in our poly supply chain, we are now operating our factory at a normal five day work week.  We are hopeful our poly supply will continue to increase so that we are able to schedule overtime work, and eventually obtain additional skilled craftspeople.  Our lead times remain at 24-26 weeks as our incoming orders remain significant.

SC2921-04 |New


Overall h35.5 d29 w86
Inside d20.5 w86 sh19.5

Tight seat / Tight back / Plinth base
Please specify a finish when placing an order

Note: Underneath the slipcover, the frame is upholstered in a natural off-white muslin.

Also Available:
SC2921-1 LBC Banquette
SC2921-2 RBC Banquette
SC2921-3 Sectional Banquette

Available without the slipcover:
2921-1 LBC Banquette
2921-2 RBC Banquette
2921-3 Sectional Banquette

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