Overall h31 d38 w34.5
Inside d27.5 w24 ah27 sh20.5

Tight back / (1)K-22 Kidney Pillow / Slipcover is sewn with double needle stitching and kisses the floor.
Please specify a finish when ordering a slipcovered piece.

Note: Underneath the slipcover, the frame is upholstered in a natural off-white muslin.

Also Available:
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SC8819-03 Slipcovered Sofa
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8819-00 Upholstered Ottoman
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WF8819-01 Upholstered Chair with Waterfall skirt
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WF8819-03 Upholstered Sofa with Waterfall skirt
WF8819-09 Upholstered Mini Sofa with Waterfall skirt
WF8819-02 Upholstered Loveseat with Waterfall skirt

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