We are currently experiencing a polyurethane foam shortage due to the temporary shutdown of the companies that produce the chemicals needed to manufacture all foam components and cushioning.  This issue was created due to the extreme cold weather and power outages that occurred in Texas, where the majority of these chemicals are sourced.  We will continue to produce orders each week, but this reduction from our suppliers will occur for the next four to six weeks.  At the moment, our average lead time is 20 weeks, but quite possibly could expand to 22 weeks before this issue is rectified. If you do not see a published date, please email or call customer service for an update.

COVID-19 Updates

MAY 20, 2020

Update from Del Starnes

We are now in the middle of our fourth week of business since reopening our fully staffed office and factory.  We have been receiving consistent supplies from our vendors which have allowed us to complete your orders in a timely manner.  Our computer system has been updated to project accurate shipping dates for our order backlog.  Our numerous LTL furniture carriers are picking up finished goods each week, but not all truck lines are yet back to full capacity.  This may impact the speed in which our shipments arrive to the final destination.

We continue to quote 6 to 8 week delivery.  However, our production output is greater than incoming orders at the moment.  That’s a great benefit to our customers.  I have asked all customer service to work with our retail partners to provide special consideration to speed up an order when necessary.  We will do all we can to meet your needs as businesses open up across the country.

We continue to check each employees temperature each morning before entering our office or factory, and masks are still required when close interaction with a fellow employee is required.  We also continue extra cleaning measures during the day.  Since our return to work, no employee has tested positive for the Coronavirus.  We will continue these extra precautionary steps to protect our employees to the best of our ability.

Thank you again for your business and support, and we are here for you!


Del Starnes
Taylor King

APRIL 21, 2020

Taylor King to Re-Open Monday, April 27th

Dear Taylor King Customer,

We are so thankful for all our customers who are working hard to continue to conduct business and support your families and also our Taylor King family! While the safety and well-being of all is our main priority, we also know we need to get back to work. I am pleased to inform you that we will open our factory and office on Monday, April 27th. Our re-opening is in compliance with the North Carolina order because of our ability to maintain social distancing among our employees.

As we re-open, I want to assure our customers we are taking steps to protect the health and well-being of our employees. We will conduct temperature readings as they enter the factory each day, and everyone will receive a washable facemask on Monday. We will take extra steps to clean our restrooms, sinks, and other common areas multiple times during the day. We are requiring social distancing throughout our office and factory. All these practices will assist in providing a safe work environment for all associates.

While we have been closed, we have responded to your customer service needs and have entered orders submitted to our company. We will update our dealer portal to provide new shipping information. A good rule of thumb is to add four weeks to any ship times currently published. As we begin production next week, our dealer portal will be updated.

We began production of face masks ten days ago, and we have produced close to 2,000 masks that have been used by major hospitals in our state, local nursing home workers, doctor’s offices and by individuals in the community. These are not a replacement for N95 masks, but they may assist in prolonging the life of those masks. We will continue to manufacture masks as we return to the production of furniture orders.

Again, we so appreciate all our customers, and we hope that as you return to business that you remain safe and well! We stand ready to assist you in any way!


Del Starnes
Taylor King

APRIL 8, 2020

Taylor King Makes Masks for Local Medical Staff

In an effort to support medical staff and prevent the spread of coronavirus, Taylor King has devoted manufacturing resources to producing masks for local medical facilities.