All of us at Taylor King appreciate your business.  We continue to experience delays in manufacturing due to the challenges created by Covid-19.  At the moment, our average lead time is 14 to 16 weeks from date of order.  We are currently shipping within one to two weeks of our published date on our website. If you do not see a published date, please email or call customer service for an update.



Overall: h41 d43 on most pieces width varies
Inside: d22 ah25.5 sh22.5
Wall clearance zero Full extension 69

3/4” French Natural nails head-to-head / Removable Aluminum cupholders (choice of colors:
Ebony or Nickel) / Semi-attached, knife edge back cushions / Loose back cushions are not available / Connectors / Requires a power outlet / Rechargable battery optional

As Shown: L292-11ZM LAF Chair / L292-17ZM LAF Wedge Arm Chair / L292-18ZM RAF Wedge Arm Chair / L292-12ZM RAF Chair

Options Shown: 3/4” Natural Brass nails head-to-head instead of standard.
L Available in Leather

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