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A limited lifetime warranty is offered on the frame and spring construction against defective materials or workmanship. To express our appreciation for your choice of our furniture, we offer this limited lifetime warranty to the original purchaser for residential use only. It is valid only if the furniture has received normal usage and has not been subjected to abuse or improper care.

A two year warranty is offered on our Spring Blend/Down, Catalina Down, Memory Down or Ultra Comfort seat cushions, Elite or 1090 back cushions, and Posh or 1090 Down throw pillows; however, softening and flattening will occur in all foam as a result of use and age which is considered completely normal. Due to the extremely soft nature of the E-Z Down seat cushions, this cushion is limited to a one year warranty. Freight charges for all replacement cushions will be covered for one year from invoice date.

Note: Upholstery fabrics are not guaranteed by the mills, therefore, we are unable to accept responsibility for wear, fading, or shrinkage.

Warrant Limitations

The company will replace or repair, at our option, any part or parts of the warranted product found to be defective within terms of the warranty.

In order for these repairs to be made without charge for materials, labor, or transportation between an authorized dealer and our factory, you must send a notice of the defect within one year from the date of retail delivery of your furniture.

After one year, the company will not be liable for transportation and handling between the factory and the authorized dealer.