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John G. Mullins, Jr.
chief executive officer

Every company has tools of the trade and keys to its success. At Taylor King, John Mullins is one of those vital, crucial elements. From salesman extraordinaire to Taylor King “point man,”John Mullins is the eyes and ears of the corporation.

Out in the field nearly 80% of the time, Mullins makes it his primary responsibility to work directly on fostering relationships with the company’s stocking dealers. Mullins frequently opens the minds and the doors of some of the nation’s top retailers, spending hours with customers before business hours implementing proven product display approaches and coaching sales teams about the purpose behind the company and the furniture.

Mullins’ responsive, genuine and friendly rapport with dealers coupled with his business acumen has made for fabulous sales increases for everyone involved. Like a true team player, he is there to win.

Mullins maintains a large selling territory and heads-up the management team as CEO of Taylor King. His experience and encounters on the road with Taylor King dealers have been instrumental in helping the company to develop several consumer education pamphlets. These marketing pieces are intended to help consumers get on the inside of fine furniture production before making decisions about what brand to choose and what retailer to place an order with.

Del Starnes

Del Starnes, President and Chief Operating Officer, has been with Taylor King the past seven years. He was previously with MotionCraft, a division of Sherrill Furniture Company, where he was chief operating officer for seven years and responsible for all product development, merchandising and manufacturing functions.

"Taylor King exemplifies my own personal business philosophy in that a company should seek to provide a product that excites the consumer and is manufactured with the highest quality materials available. However, it's the personal customer service that is the third key ingredient in making Taylor King a company that rises above its competition", Starnes said.

Prior to his work with MotionCraft, Starnes served as Vice President of Upholstery for Stanley Furniture Company. He began as a product manager in 1993, before being promoted to Vice President. His experience also includes a 14 year appointment as Merchandise Manager of HickoryCraft.

Starnes and his wife Cindy have four children. They are members of West Hickory Baptist Church, where Starnes is a choir member. His interests include golf, music, and the outdoors.

Tanya Comer
vp marketing

From paper dolls to fashion upholstery, Tanya Comer is living happily ever after on a dream set into action by her parents and Taylor King founders Herman and Rachel Shook. Brought to life thirty years ago around the kitchen table, this significant North Carolina company was named one evening as Tanya and her siblings prepared to do their homework. Guiding the company that began around her kitchen table so long ago has become Comer's lifelong work.

The success of Taylor King is a classic American story that has flourished thanks to Comer's natural business talents and her keen eye for fashion. Her parents are proud of their daughter's imagination and determination, and always guessed that Tanya would be instrumental in taking the small, family-owned upholstered furniture firm and transforming it into a large, international business.

Comer began her career with Taylor King after high school, and, through hard work and dedication to fine taste and family traditions, has moved to the top with grace and confidence. She works hand-in-hand with other company leaders to ensure that the forethought of her father and the family philosophies about quality and longevity in furniture design are present in Taylor King's daily operations.

Comer moves easily throughout operations-from the fabric warehouse, the cutting room and to the work benches-with a mother-like assurance that she knows where she wants this company to go. She boasts four children, her son Garrison is still at home, Tanya has often said, "Taylor King is like a child, my child to love and to nurture."